Purchase log, 2021-02-02

[bloodthirsty butchers - Mikansei]

I catalog my music purchases on Collectorz and Discogs, but they don’t give me a sense of change over time. So I’m noting them here weekly as well.


  • Antonín Dvořák, Symphonies 7 & 8 (Christoph Von Dohnányi, Cleveland Orchestra)
  • bloom field, Sanka Sanbusaku
  • Brad Mehldau Trio, Day Is Done
  • Carpenters, The Singles 1969-1973
  • Dawn Upshaw and Richard Goode, Goethe-Lieder
  • Johannes Brahms, Symphony No. 1 (Leonard Bernstein, Vienna Philharmonic)
  • Leo Imai, 6 Japanese Covers
  • Metallica, S&M (Michael Kamen, San Francisco Symphony)
  • Niccolò Paganini, 24 Caprices (Midori)
  • Ryan Adams, 1989
  • The Chemical Brothers, Dig Your Own Hole
  • Ali Thomson, Take a Little Rhythm
  • Billy Joel, 52nd Street
  • Gaytheist, How Long Have I Been on Fire?
  • Heaven 17, How Men Are
  • The Streets, None of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive
  • Soundtrack, The Sesame Street Book and Record


  • bloodthirsty butchers, Mikansei

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Purchase log picks, January 2021

[Linda Ronstadt - Mad Love]

Linda Ronstadt, Mad Love

I had no idea this album was considered Ronstadt’s new wave album. Yes, three Elvis Costello songs are on this album, and “Hurt So Bad” has a scorching guitar solo more characteristic of the late Andy Gill. But it doesn’t sound like some new Romantic looking for a TV sound.

Carpenters, The Singles 1969-1973

There was a time when digging the Carpenters was an ironical act. The 90s are distant enough that I think we can sincerely dig the Carpenters now.

The Chemical Brothers, Dig Your Own Hole

I was skeptical of the whole attempt to make electronic dance the heir apparent of grunge. But that doesn’t detract from the Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers releasing some durable albums from that late-90s era.

bloodthirsty butchers, Mikansei

bloodthirsty butchers have a talent from making long songs that don’t feel as long as they are.

The Fixx, Reach the Beach

I knew the Fixx were responsible for “One Thing Leads to Another”, but I had no idea they were also behind “Saved By Zero”. To be honest, the songs sound like they’re from different bands.

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