Purchase log, 2020-09-15

[Antoine Reicha - Reicha Rediscovered]

I catalog my music purchases on Collectorz and Discogs, but they don’t give me a sense of change over time. So I’m noting them here weekly as well.


  • Antoine Reicha, Reicha Rediscovered, Vol. 1 (Ivan Ilić)
  • Antoine Reicha, Reicha Rediscovered, Vol. 2 (Ivan Ilić)
  • Brooklyn Rider, Healing Modes
  • downy, Dai ichi sakuhinshuu “mudai” (untitled first album)
  • downy, Dai ni sakuhinshuu “mudai” (untitled second album)
  • downy, Dai go sakuhinshuu “mudai” (untitled fifth album)
  • downy, Dai roku sakuhinshuu “mudai” (untitled sixth album)
  • downy, Dai nana sakuhinshuu “mudai” (untitled seventh album)
  • Jean Efflam-Bavouzet, The Beethoven Connection
  • Meg Lee Chin, Piece and Love
  • The American Analog Set, Know By Heart

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