Hiatus extends while I sort through some spoils

It looks like the January break is going to last for a bit longer.

At the start of January, I took a trip home to inspect a box of records my mom discovered. It turned out to be most of my dad’s records and a fraction of my brother’s collection. My two sisters’ meager collections were nowhere to be found.

I shipped everything worth taking. (A number of Disney storybook records were unsalvageable.) Alas, I had run out of shelf space to accommodate the new arrivals.

So I spent a weekend assembling new shelves and moving old shelves around, all the while listening to some my brother’s penchant for hard rock and light metal.

By the time I was finished organizing everything, the month had ended. So I’ve written nothing, but I’ve listened to a lot.

And I’ll share it with you once I make sense of it.

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